Portrait of Briana

Our Work Together

Brianna’s parents asked if I could help her navigate the application process. Brianna wanted to stay close to home in Colorado, and is interested in some form of business. Her academic record had some blemishes and she had fine but not stellar test scores. She had re-taken the few classes with bad grades, and was able to show in her transcript that she had increasing academic rigor and performance.

Brianna’s needs in the process were all around information and emotional support. We explored college characteristics a bit and created a fairly short list of schools that had the highest chance of admissions success that met at least some of the requirements she put forward.

Financial aid was very important. It was uncomfortable for the parents to divulge their financial aid to me directly, so I suggested they use a third-party online financial aid estimator, and then just give me the one number I needed: the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) estimate.  I was able to use this one figure, which did not divulge family finances, to calculate estimated financial aid for each school.

Brianna and I then pivoted toward writing essays and applying to her schools. When it was time to submit each application, she was most comfortable with me be by her side as she clicked the “submit” button.  It was my pleasure to do so. Brianna got in to every single school she applied to, and she received good financial aid packages as well.

Student Facts

Interests and Extracurriculars

Fashion, Health, Business, Part-Time Employment

Academics and Tests

Brianna took medium-challenge courses in high school and earned medium-level grades, with a few “blemishes” on the record that were addressed via on-line retakes.  Her SAT score from taking it once in high school was adequate for admission to the schools on her list.

Perfect-Fit College List

Colorado State U, Arizona State U, U of Colorado – Denver, U of Colorado – Boulder, U of Northern Colorado.


Accepted into every single school that she applied to!  Financial aid/cost was most attractive at UC Denver, which was her first choice as well.

Note: This is a description of an actual student-client of Bell College Consulting.  All aspects are real and accurate; however, the name and photo have been changed to protect the student’s privacy. The photo is used by permission from Philip Wang’s page at and uses the underlying algorithm created by Nvidia.