Work with Chris Bell on all aspects of college admissions planning from getting to know yourself to applying to college.

About Bell College Consulting

When you work with Bell College Consulting, you work with Chris Bell. Chris is the Chief Advisor and he is the primary college admissions counselor for every student.

Learn more about Chris by listening to the 16 minute feature on the Tests and the Rest Podcast.

Chris collaborates with experts from colleges and universities across the country. One key local advisor is Dr. Michele Moses, a higher education researcher who advises on all aspects of the admissions and higher education landscape. Other collaborators include experienced essay specialists, former admissions officers, student affairs professionals, and career counselors.


Credentials & Experience


Certified Educational Planner (CEP)
Awarded by AICEP, this is the highest level of professional recognition and certification in the field. Chris also serves on the AICEP Commission on Credentialing.

Master of Science, Student Affairs in Higher Education
This practical degree focuses on all aspects of student affairs including college admissions and student counseling.


AICEP - American Institute of Certified Educational Planners
Commissioner and Certified Educational Planner

IECA - International Educational Consultants Association
Professional Member, Webinar Co-Host, recipient of the Making a Difference award, Summer Training Institute Faculty

HECA - Higher Education Consultants Association
Member, Conferee, Committee Member

NCAG - National College Affordability Group
Certified College Advocate (one of 12 nationally), National Forum Host, Presenter

NACAC - National Association for College Admissions Counseling
Independent Consultant Member

CCC - College Consultants or Colorado
Former President, Former Board Member, Member

RMACAC - Rocky Mountain Association for College Admissions Counseling
Member, Conference Volunteer, College Advising Volunteer


Chris formed Bell College Consulting after seeing so many high school students in the Boulder County area struggle with the college selection process. Students are stressed to a near-breaking point as they strive to even assemble the long list of tasks related to college admissions, let alone try to accomplish them. Students often feel the burden of making what seems like a life-defining choice, all while trying to put themselves in the best light for their college applications, where someone else will determine if they’ll get in. It feels overwhelming. It feels vulnerable.

Chris has a long history of helping students. He knows the college and university landscape and has a graduate degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education where he was trained as a counselor. He served in college and university settings for more than 25 years and has had positions at the University of Colorado, Colorado College, Regis University, Colorado State University, and North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. His varied career includes high school and college teaching, college advising and counseling, software and courseware development, student activities, academic technology, and student support. He is now full time in his dream job at Bell College Consulting where he helps high schoolers with college planning.

Chris loves working with students and their families. And students and their families report that they love working with him too.


Comprehensive college planning that follows three primary phases based on individual 1-on-1 engagement


This phase involves assessments, inventories, and conversations to discover and explore the student's personality, aptitudes, and interests.

Activites during the YOU phase include ...

  • Personality Inventory
  • Strengths / Values
  • Aptitudes
  • College Readiness and Skills
  • Student Interview


Here we build a list of colleges moving from a not real list to the perfect-fit college list through iteration, web-based research, and conversation.

Activities during the FIT phase include ...

  • Choosing a Good Fit College, College Characteristics
  • Deep-dive College Qualities Worksheet
  • The First Draft “Not Real” List of Colleges
  • Student College Research Using Provided Tools
  • Expanding or Narrowing College List
  • Financial Aid Overview and Family Meeting
  • Student Presentation of College List to Family


The APP phase involves essays, applications, and deadlines. The student's own words and ideas shine through skilled brainstorming and reviews.

Activites during the APP phase include ...

  • College Essay Brainstorming (Covers all Essays)
  • Common Application Personal Statement
  • Supplemental Essays
  • Activity List Creation
  • Application Completion / Review
  • Interview Prep
  • Admission and Financial Offer Review


Colleges Visited Annually


Admission To At Least 1 of Top 3 Choices


Repeat Clients for Siblings


Satisfaction With The Process
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